Damp glory

Typical of April, it’s been raining here, offering the sort of disappointingly drizzly days I associated with Saturdays when I was a child. The main splash of colour I see from my desk is the Glory Vine, the grapeless ornamental grape vine that decorates and shades my verandah.

Its job nearly done for the year, the leaves are rapidly changing colour.

But not uniformly or in unison. Some are already deep burgundy with blackish veins, presaging their winter demise, while others stay summer green, stained at the edges with strawberry juice.

In between these extremes there are pale lemons and limes, vivid rusts and scarlets, splotches and streaks like blood, a riot of colour dripping with raindrops — just for me.

2 thoughts on “Damp glory”

  1. Finally Sharyn, to me also, an Autumn. It seems so long since I’ve/we’ve had an Autumn. A Real Autumn. Still warm. Easter and nearly May. Oceans packed in 22 degrees C water, air temperature and school holidays.

    For a little while time did stand still while the world changed colour and mysterious things reappeared about the place (as you so perfectly describe).

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