Domestic Ups & Downs

Being confined to home doesn’t mean life is less interesting. You just have to look more.

Remember to go outside before dinner to see is there’s a sunset; autumn is a great time for sky spectacles!

And in the mornings, check out what the spiders have been up to overnight. This major engineering feat on my deck looked even more impressive when only half-lit; how was it hanging there?!

And look down.

Amongst the dull leaf litter this vibrant little Stinkhorn fungus ventures up to see what the weather is doing.  It’s one of the stinkhorn family and apparently smells like rotting meat or sewage.

Often found as a solitary specimen, it is Phallus rubicundus. Can’t imagine why…

And while looking down, I was surprised to see this decorative pair remaining in place like statues, sunning themselves together even as I walked past several times, quite close. 

Eastern Water Skinks, they are cherished residents here in town. Burnished bronze and gold and chocolate, with such delicate fingers and toes I fear for them — I’d like to think they know they are safe here. No need to bolt for cover when I appear…

2 thoughts on “Domestic Ups & Downs”

  1. Hi Helen,
    Yes am in awe of the precision and extent of their craft. Always a dilemma re decobwebbing; single indoor spiders I can safely relocate to weave away elsewhere usually, but have been looking at the dense webs above my verandah blinds and can’t decide what to do…!

  2. Gorgeous creatures and their habitats. All their work and effort building up the web.

    I had a great outcome the other day when I needed to do some decobwebbing rather old cobwebs in my veranda rafters. Spred out along 10 feet was a diamond python skin. But it did not photograph well.

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