Duck family

I have some new tenants: a family of maned wood ducks. As often happens with my wild neighbours, they took up residence in the house yard when I was away.


As always happens when you’ve been away, there’s lots of washing to do; as I went to hang it out on my simple wire clothesline, there was flurry of movement down near the fence as five wood ducks waddled off from the hydrangea bush to new shelter.



Of course I went for the camera and snuck about. Of course they flew up and over the fence to the dam. It seems the magpies are allowing them tenancy there too, which is a first.

Each day I see them in different places of the yard. This morning they were right outside the steps, and took off in a great flapping fuss when I sleepily emerged.


Because they are so shy it’s hard to be sure, but I think the family is composed of a male and female and three almost grown young.

The male has the plain brown head; the female two white stripes around her eyes and more dappled plumage.

6 thoughts on “Duck family”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments Fleur. Glad you liked the book. And yes I have a mid-range digital Canon with a zoom, which I bought for my Owner Builder articles but now use a lot for the blog.
    That’s great about the rain too. I can just see those paddocks!

  2. Hi Sharyn

    Stunning photos – either you’ve got a very good zoom lens or you really have become part of nature!

    I have finally finished your book. I’d managed to get about half way through when I first wrote to you and loved it, but now I can truly say, what an awe inspiring woman you are. There are similarities between the way you and I lived in our ‘early’ years – I too lived without a loo and with ‘ole faithful Jenni the generator’ – one that needed a male influence! But what you’ve achieved Sharyn… wow! I am in awe.

    We are about to get ducks swimming in our paddocks as we’ve had 100mm of rain in four days! There is water everywhere and the sound of frogs and crickets singing have filled the air! Lovely to see everything washed! The Ibis will enjoy wallowing through the water-loggged paddocks as well.

  3. Hi Gaye,
    Grass still mostly green here but starting to dry out in some places. We had 71 inches of rain last year so you’d expect some retention from that! Little dam level is dropping so I may at least be able to dig out the reeds that have started around the edge. They have overwhelmed my big dam.

  4. hi Sharyn,

    in times of wet weather, I also have the Wood Ducks venture under the fence into my backyard. It is always a pleasure to see them waddling about. How could any duck resist your dam; it’s lovely!

    Of course, my grass is all yellow and crunchy now, so definitely no ducks here.


  5. No, not this one Peter, and it’s only recently that the magpies have let them on it at all.
    On my bigger dam, which is not in view of the house, I usually also have Hoary-headed Grebes.

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