Farewell flashes

As I am about to head off for two months in Italy, I visited my nearest home nature spots to refresh my mind and memory.

First a walk to the long beach, often wild, today deceptively gentle and brilliantly blue. 

Only one other person is here, a mere speck a long way up the beach; fishing, I assume.

I doubt I will see such an empty beach in Italy.

Next, to the river, where a small group of pelicans have been checking out the low tide mudflats. Two take off, but the rest stay.

And what a treat to see my special solo seagull there as well; did he come to say ‘Arrivederci?’

He looks very small next to his big-beaked Big Bird mates. I missed him at the beach…

And at my actual home, my about-to-be-abandoned garden has exploded with prolific and beautiful farewell flowers on the various Schlumbergera truncata succulents. I had feared I’d miss them, and was about to ask my house minders to send me photos.

The next posts will be from Italy; I will be staying in the Emilia-Romagna region, although in the hills above the flood-ravaged area.

It does feel rather like going to visit the Northern Rivers after the Lismore etc. floods, but Nature’s payback has no concern for my travel timetable.

8 thoughts on “Farewell flashes”

  1. Thanks Julian, Sue and Monica. Am thirsty for every detail of difference here. The growing heat I so not enjoy much as I like our winters…
    Hope to get some photos today.

  2. Enjoy every moment. It will go far too quickly. ..keep safe, well, and be refreshed!!!
    Look forward to your newses.

  3. Thanks all. Awful long trip; too many people here on holiday, so trains very crowded. But beautiful area up here in the north. Look forward to taking photos!

  4. Italy was one of my favorite places on my one and only overseas trips back in 1990.
    I can’t imagine how many photos you will take. Back then it was film, the processed pics became quite a burden.
    Enjoy !!

  5. My daughter is landing this evening – i hope! from 3 weeks mostly in Italy – Sicily actually..plenty empty beaches there apparently.

    Ariverderchi arivadella!!!!


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