Fleshy blooms

There are few flowering plants in bloom now. The wattle is almost ready but as yet is grey-green with just a promise of gold. Most of the bulbs have shot through the grass but only one or two isolated jonquils have opened their scent to the light and air.

And yet from the damp edges of my verandah I can see clumps of creamy-beige flowers pushing up old mown grass. They are not something I have planted; I have never seen these in my yard before.
blooms-2When the rain eased I went closer. Not flowers, but extremely over-populated fungi. Cream to pale caramel, delicate yet fleshy all at once, their lightly fringed caps upturn like the faces of flowers. Fighting for space and light, they fold and layer and then triumphantly open — my blooms.





blooms-3 A few days later they are still there, and then I think I see a new colony several metres away, near the leafless birch trees.
These are in two separate spots. The lower one is definitely the same sort as my fleshy beige blooms, but a small cluster right amongst the jonquils seems whiter.
Indeed they are, perhaps because the most recently emerged, but they are also more convoluted and this I think must be because they have had to grow through the jonquil bulbs and around their leaves, tougher than grass.

5 thoughts on “Fleshy blooms”

  1. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for visiting – and for commenting. Glad you are enjoying my place vicariously – but honestly it’s no showplace, especially as I’ve been away so much lately. My winter vegie garden is always pretty dormant here.
    It’s really my bolt hole, my refuge as well as that of the animals, so I’m afraid I treasure my solitude!

    And Trevor, no they didn’t glow. Wish they had! Did the Bucketty ones look similar?

  2. Hello Sharyn
    I so enjoy the walks through your garden and reading of your discoveries. I’ve been reading your blog since I listened to your talk at Kempsey library. I asked you if you wrote letters!
    Perhaps one day we could visit your vegetable patch?

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