From wild to mild

storm-1After a severe thunderstorm, with crashes and breaks and rolls that came much to close to my cabin for comfort,  the rain stopped just in time for the end of the day.

The rain had been welcome, but I wanted a fine tomorrow. Over me, thin low cloud still swirled grey and damp, and the sun had left, yet on the higher mountains opposite it was a different world and time.
storm-2Thick and white, they clung to the peaks and ridges, while their bases boiled upwards in drifts and wisps towards the dying light. A washed blue sky promised the morrow I had ordered.

As the reflected sunset set them aglow and faintly tinged them pink, the clouds broke into reluctant tufts of cotton wool. Minutes later they were gone.

6 thoughts on “From wild to mild”

  1. Hi Margaret – that is such a beautifully empathic comment – quite poetic itself. Thank you for bothering to tell me.

  2. Hello again Sharyn

    Just wanted to say how much I love your chimney sitting there between the trees looking at the mountains. Can’t think of a word to describe my feelings when I look at it but it puts me into a dreamworld.


  3. Hi Sandi – re-reading it now I thought maybe more purple prose than poetic – but then skies do that to me. I think I have so much mesh around my vegie garden that it’s almost a windbreak. Hope your broad beans keep their chins up – a delicious vegetable, especially sweated/lightly stewed in olive oil with garlic , then parsley with a dash of lemon added at the end.

  4. Hi Sharyn,
    Very poetic post! We’ve also been thankful for the rain… it’s been quite wild and woolly here too; a couple of large gum tree branches have come down and I’ve been worried about my broad beans blowing over!

  5. A lovely little bird Margaret. I have seen it here but not often. My wet forest has little understorey so it is my garden plantings that will hopefully attract it more often. And yes I think even the usually wet places were waiting for that rain!

  6. Hello Sharyn

    Wonderful post and photographs. Been a bit wild around here too but the rain was so welcome. My garden lives again! A tiny visitor to one of the grevilla’s today was a Scarlet Honeyeater. Little flashes of red as it darted around the bush looking for food. Do they visit you up on the mountain?

    Cheers, Margaret

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