Although it’s winter, when sleet or snow would have been more normal, we’ve had a surprising number of summery-type storms, where small hail falls. Not for long, but often.

The horses don’t like it, but it doesn’t do any actual damage, so I just enjoy the visual effect while it lasts.

My naturalised snowflake bulbs – which I called ‘snowdrops’ as a child – seem to be made for such a white dotted setting.

They don’t often get the chance for a real snow backdrop.

2 thoughts on “Haildrops”

  1. Sharyn, it’s a Friday afternoon here and the U.S. Mail just delivered my book ordered just a week ago. With all the bad weather we have had in the last week in the southern US which is where I am, I really did not expect it so soon.
    Am very anxious to get started on it… which I plan to do shortly. It’s a rainy day here and just
    perfect for that. By the way I love the snow drops… and weather all over is beyond my understanding. Hail in winter is not something we see often.


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