Hope in rainbows

rainbow-280As with sunsets and sunrises, I never tire of rainbows. I think they are an especially welcome surprise because their clear colour treat occurs after the greys and blacks of rain and storms. The bush sparkles, newly washed, the sky is temporarily free of haze and pollution and the rainbow appears at its best. Very ephemeral magic, that I know has a scientific explanation — but as much of the joy of magic is the surprise, I can ignore that prosaic part.

I have been wishing for there to be one in Copenhagen, so that the world will get the pot of gold it so desperately needs — a worthwhile decision on halting global warming. I support the island nations’ plea for a realistic target, but I fear our Mr Rudd is reality-deaf, politic-prone, and mealy-mouthed.

We of all nations ought to be aiming for high reductions since we are responsible for the most carbon emissions per person, but morality seems as foreign to our government’s actions on this as does the urgent reality of the pace of global warming.