Cloud visit

cloud-visit-2The days veer between hot and dry with winds that would push a fire to an inferno, and cool and cloudy.

This particular day the clouds came so low they met the earth, and my mountain was transformed once again. These days of mystery and dripping moisture are probably my favourite weather here.

I love both the disappearance of distant views and the diamond delineations of the closer views. 

Everything is given the most gentle soaking that does no damage, yet still refreshes and fosters growth. The plants benefit and so do I.

8 thoughts on “Cloud visit”

  1. Hi Sharron,
    I think I’m fortunate to have good subjects at hand rather than any special photographic abilities. It’s a Canon Powershot S315 camera. But I do probably notice and take photos of so-called simple things more than some.
    Glad you drew some pleasure and hope from them.
    PS: only ever met one another ‘rro’ Sharron!

  2. Stunning pictures, just shows how some of the simple things that we take for granted are just so spectacular, will have to try my hand at the camera!! If i could take pics half this good i would be happy.
    Uplifting stuff!! Hope remains in the simple and sheer beauty of nature.
    Regards Sharron Jones

  3. Hello Peter,
    Nice to hear from you! I don’t know the Yango area specifically but assume it’s similar to the ridges around Laguna down that way, where I visit friends. Thank you for that beautiful word image of the ‘sound of mist’ –perfect!
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Margaret and Jenny & DWG,
    Thanks for your Christmas wishes and I am happy to share my misty-moisty days with you all. Just back after three days away book-signing at stores and it looks like rain so am most pleased.
    Stay safe over the holiday break; I will try to stay home as much as possible and split my time between mowing and writing!

  5. I agree, just breathtaking pictures. Was like you had sent me a Christmas Card!!! And one from the heart back to you!! May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year be filled with good health and
    contentment!! Your friend in the Southern USA!!! DWG

  6. Hi Sharyn,
    These exquisite photos are just like a tonic to us on this very hot, droughty day in our neck of the woods.
    Did I hear drops of rain outside the bedroom window last night, or was it a dream inspired by wishful thinking? Whatever, there was no evidence when we awoke this morning.
    Thank you for sharing your moisture with us.
    Christmas Blessings, Jenny Finnie

  7. Hello Sharyn

    Absolutely breath taking photographs. Very evocative.

    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010.


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