Media alert

My new book, Rich Land, Wasteland, will be in the shops this coming week.

Now begins the media — the using of the tool, which is how I see the book.

I’ll be on the panel of ABC News 24 TV’s ‘The Drum’ at 6.30 on Monday 23rd — that’s today —and I’ll also be a guest of Phillip Adams on Late Night Live which airs tonight at 10.00pm on ABC Radio National (repeated tomorrow at 4pm).

And tomorrow, Tuesday 24th, I’ll be talking to Alan Jones on 2GB at 7.40 am.

6 thoughts on “Media alert”

  1. Hi Sharyn, I heard you on LNL last night. Thank you for all the work you have done to wake us all up to the horror of the Coal industry. I plan to get our book when it is out soon. An ordinary grandma you are not! I so admired your passion wich came accross on the radio. Blessings, Ruth

  2. Hi Kez,
    Yes saw it online; great that the book and the issue is getting so much coverage (Newcastle Herald too). And thanks for the congrats.

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