Miniature marvels

I am a sucker for miniatures, natural or man-made.  Having taken many photos of large and impressive webworks, presumably by large spiders, I was charmed to come across these creations by smaller artists.

Jewelled perfection slung between two twigs, yet smaller than my thumb. Awe-inspiring.

I walked about the garden seeking more treasures, and on a birch tree I found a tiny horizontal arrangement, a diamond net to catch a cloud-drop.

Such beauties are why I love living close to nature. They keep me sane, in a wider world that does not value these intricate riches as I do. After all, there is no export ‘demand’ for ephemeral diamonds.

4 thoughts on “Miniature marvels”

  1. Welcome Juddie,
    Glad you are enjoying the blog; about this time last year I was in Victoria on a writer’s residency, out near Lancefield/Macedon. There’s a few posts on that lovely misty time.
    Thanks for commenting; they keep me believing sharing is worthwhile (new posts every Wed. & Sat. afternoon).

  2. Hi Sharyn,
    I just stumbled on your beautiful blog tonight – your photos and anecdotes are just lovely. I’m sure I’ll spend many more hours browsing through them over time …. thank you for sharing these lovely moments!
    x Juddie
    (in Melbourne & Port Fairy, Vic)

  3. I don’t even know what it means but I share the value you place on simplicity and nature, so ‘wacked-out hippy’ sounds good to me Laura!

  4. Ah the lure of the commercial world is just too much for most of us! Our children value the fast paced now society of virtual life, and have no idea how to have a face to face conversation, or put pen to paper, their parents are hell bent on getting into huge debt with faster and better computers, the huge 4 wheel drive and that all important must have, the plasma television. Then there is the small but fast growing group amongst us, that are quietly going about the more simplier way of life, (I have been called a wacked out hippy!). Give me the peace and serenity of that diamond spiders web anyday. And wacked out hippy makes me smile everytime I think of it!!

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