Fashion fungi

Under the big stringybark tree the leaf litter is deep. It is home to a whole world of bugs and grubs I am sure, but also an incubator for some astonishingly beautiful fungi. The winter colours in vogue this year are striking — and both are new to me.

This solitary smart purple number poked its head through the other day. It is quite small.  From my book I can only guess it might be a Cortinarius, but is it C. archeri or C.aff.violaceus, or another variety not in my book? Is the stem pale lilac really?

There’s only one so I’m not going to break it to check its gills or flesh to be able to get the name right!

Under the same spreading tree, about three metres away, I spotted several of these; elegantly coloured two-tone, olive-green above a subtle amber yellow. In the surrounding leaves, more are getting ready to make their debut.

Green is not a common colour in our fungi, so I hope I am right in guessing this is Dermocybe austrovenenta.

7 thoughts on “Fashion fungi”

  1. Sharyn

    Your second mushroom is most definately Dermocybe austrovenenta. It is now called Cortinarius austrovenetus however. Dermocybe is now considered a subgenus of Cortinarius.

    They are a beautiful mushroom to be sure. 🙂

  2. Hi Ann,
    Five must have been a treat to see indeed! Thanks for commenting, and for confirming its name too. I’m always half-guessing!

  3. I love the way you write about our natural world. Yes this purple mushroom, Cortinarius, looks stunning with its colour and satiny shine. I have come across a cluster of five sprouting from the same point. My site too was of a thick moist litter – underneath Turpentine and Eucalypts.

  4. Hi Sue,
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    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi Sharyn
    Just trying to get the hang of this blogging thing,sssooooo is this one your latest blog then?
    Very enjoyable,thankyou.
    Your latest blog fan, Sue-o

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