Moisture marvels

We’ve had lovely rain, which caused my garden plantings to literally lift up their heads in gratitude — and to visibly grow, instead of barely surviving.

In between actual wet days, we’ve had damply humid ones, where rain promises/threatens, but remains undelivered. The perfect warm moist weather for fungi.

I love these very visible clumps of fleshy ‘cappuccino’ fungi, so generously clumping through my backyard grass.

But I am delighted to also find this solitary umbrella, minute and almost translucent, nestled amongst some dry thyme stems.

The grass is long, but it’s been too wet to mow. My first fungi have disappeared, and the sun is out, so I mow. Next day I spot three of these caramel crusted drumsticks defiantly claiming pride of place in the shorter grass.

Far less showy are these shy little fungi, soft blobs of cream hiding in the leaf litter.

I welcome them all, these marvels of moisture that seem to come out of nowhere to surprise the observant eye.

It’s nature, it’s life!

2 thoughts on “Moisture marvels”

  1. You’re braver than me Helen! I’m sure the possum bub is cute but I am no fan of possums…

  2. Yes the variety is delightful. I had a couple of icecream fungi and some ordinary toadstool types with pink underneath so I cooked them. More delicious than the supermarket! Organic from the lawn. The possoms baby is finally “out” and sharing mums evrning snack of reject nectarines. First night out she eats like a pro.

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