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This week I ferried some unusual visitors in over the rough and muddy roads to my mountain. Not Mohammed, but equally unlikely, I’d have thought.

They had driven for four hours—and would return the same way—simply to take a photograph of me. Freelance writer Rosamund Burton has written a story on me for Notebook magazine and Notebook insisted on sending a hair and makeup artist and a photographer to my house for it. They clearly like to be authentic—that is, on location and up-to-date, and professional—no happy snaps taken by me.

So Jay Jay Rauwenhoff, a freelancer who loves the variety of places to which her skill takes her, opened up her two shoulder bags and one suitcase full of pots and potions and styling tools, set up her hair and beauty salon on my verandah and proceeded to ‘make me up’ and style my hair.

I wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all, given that I have never had my face made up in my life and usually get by with tinted moisturiser and a kohl pencil.

Jay Jay assured me it would be a natural look, and on inspecting it much later, I had to agree she’d done a very subtle job.

Meanwhile Notebook photographer Scott Hawkins had been sussing out suitable spots. He also advised on what to wear. I’d been emailed a guide to colours and styles and had at least five choices in pinks and lilacs and blues laid out on my bed. This had taken me some time, since I tend to wear black and grey, which would not suit the magazine’s lighter tone.

But Scott said that what I was wearing—a hastily thrown-on hot pink shirt and blue denim trousers, both op shop of course—was fine!

Scott took photos in several poses and places while Jay Jay held a large white screen to reflect and enhance the light.

Then they packed up all the gear back and I drove them back to their car waiting at a proper road, with poor Jay Jay bouncing on the Suzi’s fold-up rear seat each time we hit a rocky patch or a pot hole. She was unfazed, and Scott said he’d been to Tasmania and back in one day just to take a portrait for an article, so this was nothing.

I know publicity is important for my book, and I guess I’ll know if this odd incursion was worth it when the article appears, probably in few months’ time, but right now it still seems crazy!

8 thoughts on “Mountain salon and studio”

  1. Hi Sharyn. I recently read your book “The Woman on the Mountain” and was so inspired I had to comment. Your attitude is fantastic. I live in between two National Parks on the southern outskirts of Sydney. I’m looking at moving away however. I live a simple life here. I have no car, no fridge, no air con or heater, no washing machine yet manage to live a great life.
    Brendon Crook

  2. Yesterday I came across your article in the Notebook mag.I had tears when I read it Sharyn. I too love trees and 8 yeras ago had to move house from a creek view to flat new house in a new suburb.The tea shop in just round the corner from my old house. I have a deep love of trees and use that feeling in my work with making “dolls”. I really love your site and will put it on my Blog. I am also going to buy your book.
    Thankyou Sharyn.

  3. Thanks Sonya. I have now seen the article and Scott and Jay Jay did a great job with the photo. Not too close either! And Rosamund Burton was suitably discreet re the interview material used.

    Hope you all enjoy the book, and thanks for taking the time to leave comments.

  4. Have also read the article in notebook. Thought it was great and like Shama am looking forward to reading the book.

    …don’t worry the photos are great!

  5. Hi Sharyn, It was great to see your article in Notebook and I thought I’d drop by the website. Look forward to reading the book!

  6. Glad you like it Elizabeth, and thanks for commenting. Sometimes I feel rather silly putting these ‘glimpses’ of my daily life out there in webland, instead of on scraps of paper as I used to, so it’s good to know they are welcomed.
    Best wishes with your gentle de-cluttering: the view just gets better as you go!

  7. Hi Sharyn,
    Thanks so much for putting together this lovely website.It gives a glimpse of a life lived to the full without the clutter and distractions of consumerism. I’m slowly turning back that way myself.

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