Mountain symbols

On my last day here on this mountain, nature is turning it all on for me. A little glimpse of the things that symbolise what I love most here.


Wallabies and their joeys were all around, the camellias and bulbs were still in flower, and the bush beyond was glistening with sunshine and dew.


The spring-fed primary perched swamp was full of water, even after the long dry spell, and the mighty ancient Angophora arched out over it as protectively as ever.


Last week there was a light dusting of snow on the higher mountains opposite… very light, but still…

Next week I will be in my new mountainside home, with different wildlife and mountain views — and a creek! — to share with you all. I look forward to sharing my discoveries of its nature.

2 thoughts on “Mountain symbols”

  1. Thanks Andrew. Too exhausted to think ahead now after the last overloaded trip out. Very odd to go through that gate for the last time. But I agree with your quote and look forward top the next stage too.

  2. “Becoming becoming. Life is on its way to further complications, further deepness and mystery, further processes of becoming and change. Life is circles of becoming, an autocatalytic set, inflaming itself with its own sparks, breeding upon itself more life and more wildness and more ‘becomingness’. Life has no conditions, no moments that are not instantly becoming more than life itself.”
    Kevin Kelly

    I am looking forward to you sharing your discoveries as your new place reveals its secrets to you and through you, to us

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