Saving the state

If you think we ought to save some of New South Wales for future generations — rather than hand it out now to coal and coal seam gas companies — you might like to join like-minded people next Thursday and tell the government and the industry just that.

The NSW Government is sponsoring a $900-a-head NSW Mineral Exploration and Investment Conference in Sydney on 18-19 August.

Already 70% of NSW is under coal or petroleum exploration licences; those who will benefit are meeting to share tales of their progress and prospects, no doubt to applaud each other and to commiserate on the nuisances that these protesting communities have become.

I couldn’t see it on the agenda, but I’ll bet they share strategies over drinks for ‘managing the outrage’. Many of us are outraged that government still allows mining projects to over-ride the wishes of communities (like Camberwell), damage environments (like the Pilliga), threaten productive land (like Caroona) and precious water (like just about everywhere!).

All the heavies will be there; Thursday is about exploration, so Coalworks, AGL and Santos feature largely. Government and industry need to be told that we would prefer they conferred on how to save the state from rampant fossil fools, and think of the future instead.

The Lock the Gate Alliance is organising an alternative conference outside the venue — a conference for food, water and communities.

They are inviting community groups who want a different future to come to Sydney and present the other side of the impacts of mining. (I’m sure they mean individuals too.)

What: Rally at the NSW Mineral Exploration and Investment Conference 2011

Where: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Phillip St., Sydney
When: 12 noon, Thursday 18 August

Speakers include:

  • Jess Moore: Stop CSG Illawarra
  • Tim Duddy: Caroona Coal Action Group
  • Bev Smiles: Mudgee District Environment Group
  • Peter Martin: Southern Highlands Coal Action Group
  • Jane Judd: Friends of the Pilliga
  • Mark Ogge: Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Jeremy Buckingham: Greens MLC
  • Rising Tide Newcastle
  • Drew Hutton: Lock the Gate Alliance

For more information email Lock the Gate

Register at the Facebook Event

Visit the Lock the Gate Alliance Website

Conference agenda