See you at Toukley

For anyone who lives on the Central Coast and would like to say hello in person, I am giving a talk at Toukley Library this Thursday 28th October.

It will be between 10.30-11.30 at the library in Victoria Street, Toukley. All welcome.

Enquiries or bookings to the library on 02 4396 4247.

4 thoughts on “See you at Toukley”

  1. Hi Trevor,
    Sorry, can’t see me doing anything or going anywhere but into the bowels of this coal book until I finish it. Next year!

  2. Hi Sharyn, When is there a talk at Wollombi again? Be great to catch up. (I’m not very cheeky these days) Lotsa from Trev.

  3. What a shame Laura! No, sorry, I am just driving down and back for this talk which I agreed to ages ago, thinking I’d be finished with this current book. I’d almost forgotten about it.

  4. Sharyn, I have been waiting for you to come back to the central coast and wouldn’t you know it I’ve been asked to work that day! Will you be anywhere else on the coast on other days?
    Cheers, Laura.

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