Blokes and blossoms

While the wallaby females ferry and feed the joeys, the males do blokey stuff — like fighting. 

I had seen very young males practice-fighting in my yard but these two were old enough and big enough for the real thing.

Given that they chose the grass right next to my shaded glasshouse for their wrestling and kickboxing, I kept imagining a lurch, a crash of breaking glass, as they danced about on their hind legs or balanced on their tails.

But after a while they simply tired of it and went back to eating grass. They vary this with checking for any new shoots on the reachable branches of my mighty Banksia Rose, which they keep stripped bare of blossoms and leaves and looking like a strange fringe to the lush flowering above. They stand on their hind legs to do this too.

4 thoughts on “Blokes and blossoms”

  1. Hi Liffy,
    How wonderful to be so close to your wallabies! I haven’t got around to naming my fellow residents yet.
    And yes the few good results re coal are rare – but hopefully on the increase!

  2. Lovely news
    Lovely wallabies I also have those wallbies and have watched one family grow Big Daddy is over 20 years old now and I think First Born is the dominate female
    Thanks for the good news for the new year Those stories are what inspires us to continue the fight

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