Selling the Treehouse

After three great years here in my ‘Treehouse’ beside the paperbarks, I have to downsize, spacewise and financially. The extra rooms here and the several car spaces are wasted on me.

I fell in love with here at once, so close to nature as it is, with such great views of the bush, the river and the mountain and with so many lovely bushwalks nearby.

As I have already borrowed to buy a smaller place elsewhere, I am very anxious to sell here as soon as possible. Please take a look and pass on the agent’s link to anyone who may be interested. Click on the photo to see the full listing.


4 thoughts on “Selling the Treehouse”

  1. Thanks Ariel. I will be in Port Macquarie so will be learning about seaside wildlife and sharing it with you.

  2. Good luck with that Sharyn..hope you continue to have a beautiful life and share it with us! Ariel xo

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