Shades of purple

I am fortunate to have Jacaranda trees outside my house, splashing my skies and carpeting my road with purple. I call it purple, but is it really somewhere in between lilac and purple?

In fact, my Spring garden has many variations on a theme of purple, like the ubiquitous but still lovely Agapanthus plants, which were here.

I grew to dislike them due to municipal overuse, but that is similar to disliking Greensleeves because of Mr Whippy’s appropriation of it…

The nearby large and beautifully drooping branches of what I think is Duranta repens, commonly called Geisha Girl or Golden Dewdrop, was here, and its flowers are dark enough to be called purple.

The Plumbago I planted is much paler, not even aiming for purple and having trouble making lilac.

The Buddleia or Butterfly Bush is only slightly darker lilac, but deepens in the buds along its arching spires.

A pretty sight, although I am still waiting for the butterflies to find it!

4 thoughts on “Shades of purple”

  1. Gorgeous photos. Nov and Dec give a glorious mauve haze wherever they are, but so lovely in stands along roads. A beautiful foreground to our skies. At my rellies pre Xmas party in Hornsby last week we were observed the whole time by two tawny frogmouth’s above her deck in a tall tree. We felt protected by them. No I couldn’t get a good mobile shot. Needed your camera and tripod!

  2. Hi Derek,
    I have Silky Oaks to clog my gutters! Yes when I was on my Mounain, there was a six week time difference between there and Singleton.

  3. Jacarandas are great, unless they overhang the house, and at every stage clog the gutters. When I lived in the lower Blue Mountains the time difference between them flowering in Sydney and at home, was considerable, that bit of altitude must have an effect.

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