Shy wallaby gategirls

gategirls When you live in the country it’s always a boon to have a passenger  to act as as gategirl or gateboy, to open the many gates so you don’t have to yank on the hand brake and get out to do it yourself.

I couldn’t wait until my very smart granddaughter Jess was old enough to take on that role, in being tall enough to reach.

City folk may not realise that every gate is an I.Q. test; they are all different. Even if they are using the same basic mechanism for once, the swing of the gate and the distance of gate from post will require a whole new set of possible solutions to the problem.

Worst of all, the driver is watching and waiting while the gategirl or gateboy wrestles with the chain, the gate and the embarrassment. Much mime play generally goes on while the gate’s idiosyncrasies are attempted to be explained through the windscreen.

However, last  week, early one morning, these two shy girls were sitting so calmly and for so long outside my house yard gate that I felt they were waiting to be let in. Too small to be expected to do the job themselves, gloved hands meekly crossed like the best-brought-up convent girls, naught but an ear twitched as they patiently propped there.

They gave up eventually, but thankfully not before I took their photo.

5 thoughts on “Shy wallaby gategirls”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it Denis. It was good to meet you at the River SOS weekend. Your photos of the river’s insect life were amazing, by the way.

  2. Hi Sandi,
    Thanks for dropping by – and for reading my book. You’ll get a few chuckles from ‘Mountain Tails’ too!
    Looks like chuckles all round, as my gategirls cheered up your day too DWG!

  3. Just a delightful tale and they certainly appear to be waiting for
    you to do something for them!! And yes, they do look prim and proper and provided for me a nice chuckle at the end of this very busy day. Thanks!!! DWG

  4. Hi Sharyn!
    I frequently laugh at the gate intelligence tests too! Occassionally a child will find themselves shut on the wrong side as we are coming or going! How EMBARASSING! Especially for teenagers!

    I loved ‘Woman on the Mountain’ but haven’t read your new book yet. I drop in here from time to time and chuckle at your tales and trials!


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