Sky mimics

As at my old Mountain, the sky here is as important for my visual delectation as the land.

And I am as fanciful about what it offers.

Like this sunrise, where the billowing white foreground cloud looked so like bushfire smoke, unlikely as that was, that I had to go out and sniff the air to check.


Or this moonrise, where the full moon looked for all the world like a celestial bowling ball rolling down the ridge…


Or this early morning, where the upper grey cloud layer was moving quite fast to the north, while the lower dark one was pretending to be a further mountain range.

3 thoughts on “Sky mimics”

  1. Yes, the skies, clouds and horizon provide endless combinations of shapes, hues and possibilities. We always look for the “animals” in the sky formed by clouds, as well as the intense colours of sunset and the often more subtle colours of the dawn!
    One of the joys of the early watch (0400 to 0800) was the changes in the sky over the water – beautiful shades of mauve and pinks.
    Enjoy your evocative posts as always

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