Snoopy skink

snoopy skink
This very sleek and speedy lizard is a frequent visitor to my verandah. At about 180mm (7 inches) long, much bigger than the most common garden variety, he’s probably a Southern Water Skink, but could be an Eastern one. Regardless of his exact title, I know he’s an inquisitive skink.

Often when I’m at the computer I catch sight of him snooping round the corner of the open door, then scurrying in and off across the timber floor, usually disappearing behind my wood ‘box’(actually the liner of an old copper) near the fuel stove.

Occasionally I worry about him being trapped inside when I close the door at night, but I suspect he’s also a clever skink and knows when to make his exit. I just don’t see it.

2 thoughts on “Snoopy skink”

  1. Thanks for sharing your slinky critters, Mick. As for my book, do you mean Mountain Tails or ?? regardless, somebody else would have to do the lobbying I’m afraid; I’m way too busy. I know the publishers did try re school libaraies for MT.
    Enjoy those fellows creatures Mick!

  2. I too am fortunate to live in a bush setting with abundant native wildlife . I have snakes , birds , wallabies, possums, etc , but my favourite are the different types of lizards & skinks . I have a water dragon that over three years has taken up residence on a shelf in the main bedroom for a couple of times a week to the land mullet ! ( that people said I would never photograph !) that lives in the rockery about 10 meters from my back door . I`ve had Jurassic wrestling matches ( or are they copulating ? ) in the middle of my lounge room floor & little white tipped poo`s that mark the various place`s that they have explored . I look at these things & wonder how man`s greed can & do destroy this wonderful planet . Have you ever thought about lobbying to have your book listed as compulsory reading in all schools ? It should be …….. Regards Mick Perger .

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