Spring shades

Pinks, mauves, magentas, purples – spring is hitting the full spectrum now in its flower offerings.

In the forest, the native Indigofera bushes have burst into prominence with masses of pinkish-mauve pea flowers, carried at about chest-height below the eucalypts. Normally their delicate foliage renders them less visible. Any garden would be graced by these.

In my garden, though, it’s the large and flamboyant blooms of the irises that are catching my eye most often: exotically arranged coloured flags of petals, pink up, magenta down, a dusting of gold feathers, deep purple silk buds.

They even hold their own against the riotous backdrop of the lavender.

2 thoughts on “Spring shades”

  1. Dear DWG,
    Yes, nature is amazing, and often fleeting. Even the baby swallow body has been ‘removed’ by some other animal; the indigofera are now carrying seed pods instead of flowers and the irises are nearly finished for the year.

  2. That may very well be the most beautiful iris I have ever seen. Just exquisite there with the lavender. Sorry about the little swallows. I can see a whole chapter about the Saga of the Swallows in some book down the road. All the posts recently have been outstanding!!! Nature is amazing and not everyone seems to understand or appreciate it.
    Enjoy your Spring as we are having frost in the Deep South.
    Thanks for sharing.

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