Now that all the Refuge animals have free run of my house yard, it’s been interesting to see the sharing arrangements develop, both with me as the sole human, and with the other, better adapted, species.

Eastern red-necked wallabies have the majority, as this small gang of young bloods shows.

But they are an amiable breed, and co-exist happily with anyone else, even me. This wallaby with the itchy tummy is almost overbalancing as he scratches, with no thought of the echidna that trundles past, intent on its own business.

I have learnt that minding one’s own business is the key for my survival here too — not that interfering with an echidna would be on my mind!

4 thoughts on “Tenants-in-common”

  1. What’s that funny pale green creature with the 4 arms and legs? There’s heaps of them on the way to Cessnock but they never seem to moove? cheers T.

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