Tolerant wallaby mums

I have mentioned before that wallaby mothers carry their joeys long after they really don’t seem to fit in the pram or pouch any more.
They also keep allowing them to drink their specially tailored mother’s milk from their allotted nipple for a very long time.

This was brought home to me the other day when I spotted this well-grown joey indulging in a suckling session.

But nevertheless, when it had drunk its fill, and straightened up next to Mum, I was surprised by just how well-grown!  Yes, it’s on the uphill side, but still…

At least it didn’t try to get back into her pouch.

This other wallaby mum has chosen a spot up near my outdoor loo for her morning naps and I have watched her calmly allow her joey to clamber in and out, in its typical mildly panicked way. Sunsoaking, she’s almost asleep, but her joey stays on full alert, ready to dive into its furry shelter.

Seeing it now, you’d wouldn’t think it could fit, or that she could carry it and still hop as she does.  And makes it look easy.

2 thoughts on “Tolerant wallaby mums”

  1. Well yes, Laura, but think of the stretch marks … just as well they wear a fur coat all the time!

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