UN petition for Copenhagen

copenhagen-logoHi all,
Ban Ki Moon will present the United Nations official petition “Seal The Deal” from the people of the earth to the delegates at Copenhagen. Add your voice here to the 364,206 people who have already signed his petition.

You can find it here or just click on the Seal the Deal logo.

4 thoughts on “UN petition for Copenhagen”

  1. Jim, a good article on the case in Vietnam. We know these health effects here in the Hunter, but so far they are unacknowledged. Dr Dick van Steenis from the UK will soon be speaking here at a series of forums on coal and health.
    As far as the madness of new coal power stations – even the NSW state government is considering them! The ADB, like the World Bank, is responsible for some shockers, as in Bangladesh.
    We aren’t using alternative power technologies as much as we need to, and we could, so I don’t hold out hope that we will help poorer countries to steer away from coal. No doubt the same coal companies have their interests ‘protected’ with all governments.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Saumya. And given that Australia is the worst carbon emitter per capita, we have the greatest moral responsibility to help those whom our ‘progress’ has hurt most, those who have emitted the least carbon!

  3. Global warming is the greatest threat for the world today. This is now high time that our leaders to come forward with all seriousness to tackle it. Developed nations should share their green technology and support financially to the other countries.

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