Unwelcome Spring?

As the orchids have been flowering over winter, they do not fill me with foreboding. Especially when bedecked with post-rain diamonds, I love seeing them outside my study window.

Not so the too-early signs of Spring, like the Ornamental Grape Vine, shooting and blossoming already. For after Spring comes Summer. Both are associated for me — and for many others — with heat and bushfires.

I love the fragrance of Freesias. I try not to regret their ephemeral nature or their harbinger of Summer status and wish hard that they naturalise here. In general bulbs do not seem to flourish in this sub-tropical climate, whereas at the Mountain they were my annual treat, great clumps of them coming up all through the lawn, untouched by the wallabies.

The little Cumquat trees offer both a visual and taste treat; I pick one bright globe and eat it every morning after I visit my Frogmouth friends. This Nagami variety has a sweet skin and tart flesh, so you get both sensations as you bite into it.

The lavender too cannot be blamed for blooming so profusely, and the bees love it for doing so in a winter short of flowers.

Who can resist sweet-smelling Freesias and Lavender?  I quash my forebodings… begone doom and gloom, for the moment… and enjoy small vases of them about the house. Inhale. Smile.

4 thoughts on “Unwelcome Spring?”

  1. Good on you, Cathy! If you read my book, ‘The Woman on the Mountain’, you will see I am also no stranger to fires. Have been through two unstoppable ones. I guess it is the climate chaos aspect that makes fires even more to be feared – and less able to be prepared for or managed – than ever before.

  2. I live in the mountains near Broadford Victoria, and tackled the Black Saturday wildfire alone, saving my home, but losing 3 other family homes on the property. I enjoy the warmth of Summer, but the risk of fire is something I have learned to accept, and the benefits of living in the bush more than make up for it. Having said that, I hope lightning never strikes in the same place twice! I do my fire prep, stay alert and take each day as it comes. Love Spring! Lots of rain down my way,plenty of moisture in ground, so hopefully a quiet fire season coming up.

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