Up among the mountains

My travels have recently taken me up from the NSW north coast to a truly wild world of mountains. After my book talk at the new Bellingen Library I drove up a very winding road to the Dorrigo Plateau.

Concentrating on the bends, I couldn’t see much apart from tree ferns and tall tres and red mud road slips being mended.
But right at the top was my motel, the Lookout Motor Inn. And look out it certainly did, all the way back to the sea.
A nearby lookout further along the side road that the motel was on (Maynard Plains Road) gave stupendous views to the west, where mountains crumpled forever into the distance. My heart warmed at seeing such a vast wilderness area.
Next morning I headed off towards Armidale, but the Dorrigo Plateau continued to offer car-stopping views.

Famous for dairying and potato growing as well as rainforest, the combination of the rich green man-made paddock foregrounds and the wild country just over the edge made beautiful compositions and contrasts.

6 thoughts on “Up among the mountains”

  1. Hi Denis,
    Yes, Robertson is spectacular too; recall those breathtaking views and the green ‘cave’ drives up to it.

    DWG, you might see some if you take a look at Denis’ web site (see link on my site to ‘The Nature of Robertson’). Robertson is south coast of NSW; Dorrigo is north coast.

  2. Hi Trevor. I miss my old Pentax too, as the lens on my mid-range Canon digital (Powershot S3) does not have enough zoom travel but is pretty good otherwise!
    But the scenery there is so intrinsically stunning (and gorgeous!) I think any camera would translate the idea of it.

  3. Hello Sharyn,

    It has been several years since I travelled the eastern section of the Waterfall Way, so it is a treat for me to be reminded of the spectacular mountain views.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in the area.


  4. Hi Sharyn
    Its good to see Dorrigo again after many years. It is similar in many ways to my own Robertson. Not entirely.
    That scenery is more dramatically volcanic than ours (mostly sandstone plateaux), but we still have similar height and proximity to the ocean – and similar soil and spud growing traditions.
    Thanks for showing it to us.

  5. I agree that these are outstanding photos of the mountainside!! Seems as though I could just walk over into them. DWG

  6. Hey Sharyn, what stunning pictures!! Wish I could get shots like that…. wow! My Place can be quite georgeous too. Need a digital camera, me old pentax spotmatic is a bit out-done these days, well done! trev. ps, how does one spell ” gougeous”?

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