Waterfall country

Along the aptly-named Waterfall Way from Dorrigo to Armidale, there are plenty of opportunities to experience really wild country in several national parks: rugged escarpments and gorges, deeply incised rivers and breathtaking waterfalls.

I stopped first at Ebor Falls in the Guy Fawkes River National Park. It was still early in the morning so most of the gorge was in shadow.
Some of the tracks were closed; it was plain that the strong winds and heavy rain in May had uprooted many trees and caused slips that would take a long time to fix. But the high altitude was already evident in the vivid lichen on the bark of trees, so vivid that I had to look twice to be sure it wasn’t out of a paint spraycan.
As I don’t like heights I found myself walking with my body on an angle, sloped well away from the lower edge – and the ravines below. I was imagining crumbling edges and slipping feet, trees and rocks – and bodies – tumbling to the silver strip of river at the bottom of the gorge.

I can recommend a terrific little book by Roger Fryer, called Wildlife and Wilderness in the Waterfall Country as guide and background information for anyone going through this whole wonderful area. It’s available from the CSIRO (at the special price of $19.95 until mid-July, regularly $29.95)

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  1. Yes I was overwhelmed with grandeur on this trip Fleur; can’t wait to get out and camp for longer in such places.

  2. Just spectacular views and they created such an interest in this park that I had to Google and find out more about it all. The earth has so much beauty and you certainly have your share. It is not easy to capture this and you did a great job!!! Yes, these last two posts have been beautiful!! Thanks so much and welcome home!! DWG

  3. These last two posts are just beautiful. What an amazing country we live in. Dorothy Mackellar was right on the mark with her poem and these photos prove it, when you consider the red of where I’m orginally from. Thanks Sharyn.

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