Weatherwise roos

The carport on my old shed has been adopted by the roo family as a favourite shade spot, now that spring is feeling like summer more often. It’s nicely dusty too, so they can swish their tails and roll about to help with the annoying insects.

The magpie attendant is there for the same purpose, I assume, to their mutual benefit.

Of course it’s less convenient for the roos when I park the ute in there, but being adaptable creatures, they simply lie underneath it. 

I have already learnt to check for echidnas under there before I get in and start it up, but so far the roos move off when I actually reach them.

And when the hot weather creates a sudden sunshower, as it did the other day, the nearest garden tree or shrub will do for them and their maggie mate. I do wonder if it’s the same two roos and the same magpie.

2 thoughts on “Weatherwise roos”

  1. Hi Bob, Thanks for your comments. I can imagine how many wildlife stories you’d have to tell from your various bush homes. Every area is so different, with new wildlife to watch. I love that you can never be bored in Nature.

  2. Hi Sharyn,
    I have just finished reading The Woman on the Mountain and have enjoyed all the stories of the animals and your living in the NSW mountain area.
    I live at Karuah so am close to the high country so visit it often, just to sit and ponder and look at nature.
    I can also relate to the kangaroo and wallaby stories as I am a country boy from Victoria and spent 40 years in Southern WA. During a period I managed some bush cottages near the CALM Discovery Centre at Wellington Mill and it was a wild life sanctuary. The main kangaroo species were Western Grey and Euros very friendly types. There was also a couple of families of emu that grazed around the forrest clearing and the cottages.
    Best regards,

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