Xmas dressing

Not much is flowering in the garden. Nor is my Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum), but it looks like it is, and these bracts that follow the small cream flowers are its main claim to fame. Mine aren’t as red as some, but people still stop and ask may they cut some for Christmas.

Its starry pinkness stands out against the darker trees around it, and does look a little festive.

But while that tree is dressing up, another in my yard is undressing for the summer season. The Queensland invader, the Cadaghi tree (Corymbia torelliana), is shedding its bark in showy patches to reveal its pale green skin.

Handsome, but dangerously successful as a feral plant, I find it hard to mind it as a tree, except when its millions of seed pods rain down like ball bearings on my deck.

Yet the shameless way it is stripping off its old bark right now is a visual treat. Wish I could do the same with my old bark…!

5 thoughts on “Xmas dressing”

  1. Following the Bylong decision, let’s hope Tarwyn Park can be returned and remain the “Rich Land” on the cover of your book.

  2. Love your comment about shedding your old bark…..wish I could too!
    Cadaghi are gorgeous trees… the fresh green under the bark i so beautiful I would like to paint the interior of my house with it.
    Thanks for your blog posts, Sharyn….they are bright spots in a murky year ?

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