At the edge of the world

The view from the inside of a cloud does not extend very far.

Today, past the first dim line of trees, I see no mountain ridges or rainforest gullies or even eucalypt forest. They might no longer exist.

If the evidence of the eyes counts, the world might end 100 metres from my verandah.
I love this intimacy with clouds, this damply veiled weather; it has inspired a short story of that name, ‘Cloudland’.

But after all the rain we had, I really ought to be mowing. I can see that grass growing.

In areas like the orchard, soon the mower will have difficulty cutting through its density. Up here in summer, early morning grass can be too wet from dew to mow; it’s too hot by the time that’s dried off, so early evening is the only available time — if I’m not too tired by then, or have obeyed the beer o’clock call.

I did mow last evening, so my conscience is clear there.

Ah well, guess I’ll just have to stay indoors — and write! 

11 thoughts on “At the edge of the world”

  1. Hello Deborah,
    Glad you enjoyed the book so much! Why not get your husband to read it now? At least he’ll get a laugh out of me struggling with machinery – and he might get inspired too!
    And at 62, I can tell him 60 is not too old for anything – including the adventure of a fresh outlook on life and a more relaxed place to live. All the best,

  2. hi sharyn i just read your book and i loved it,i have just turned 51 and live at waratah in newcastle,i long to leave here and get away from the traffic and what not,i want to live in gloucester,but my husband is not keen,he is 60 and thinks he to old to start a different life,i dont drive so its hard for me to just get up and go,but i will give him a couple of years and if he wont come with me then i will go alone,you have inspired me(not to leave my husband)but just to feel that that is where i want to be,thankyou.and happy birthday.

  3. Hi Laura and DWG and Gaye and Margaret and Trevor!
    Sorry for the group answer but away yesterday at my lovely friend Elizabeth’s funeral, so off the air. Still am to some extent, adjusting to her absence.
    Happy to share my moody mountain with all; cleaner than a pea-souper though, Laura, or at least I imagine so. A bit of mystery is good for the soul. The white flowers are spiderlilies, Trev.
    Thanks to all for the birthday greetings– someone’ s visited Fleur’s site and found that out!

  4. I Love Gaye’s wording….moody mountain. Crikey Sharyn, I don’t know if your place has a name but ” Moody Mountain” sounds lovely. My ex and I called ours “Weathertop” with a tip of the hat to Tolkein, but I really wanted to call it “Spark Plug” on account of several electrical events which DIDN’T give me superhuman powers….. just a healthy fear of lightning! What are the bell shaped white blooms? Regards, Trev.

  5. Hello Sharyn,

    I love the misty, mystical mountain mornings, and your photograph captures the atmosphere perfectly. There is a secret-garden atmosphere, what with being able to distinguish plants but not able to see beyond the nearest greenery.

    Thank you for sharing your glorious moody mountain.


  6. Oh Sharyn how I love these photographs. Can I come and enjoy being in the cloud too!
    Just beautiful.
    And a Happy Birthday from me too seeing DWG has given the game away.


  7. We have had such a bone-chilling day here, that just seeing all the green grass and the thoughts of mowing and hot weather just lifted my spirits. The scenes are just beautiful and the driftwood pieces on the verandah with the vines surrounding it create a place the likes of which I would be very happy!! Wonderful place to write and enjoy Nature!
    Oh by the way have a Happy Birthday this week!! DWG

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