Bush bounty

I don’t plant annuals, so my garden is never the riot of colour that others manage. I rely on bushes and bulbs to surprise me with blossoms.

Outside the house yard, the surrounding bush does the same. Lately there has been an explosion of blossom on a select few of the Angophora floribunda trees. The chosen ones have been so covered that it looked like clotted cream from a short distance.
 I am assuming this is what caused the splashes of cream I could see a week earlier, way off on the far slopes of the higher ridges opposite. Too far away for detail, even with binoculars.
But in the immediate bush, I have no trouble spotting the highlights of summer wildflowers here, the Hyacinth Orchids, Dipodium punctatum. Apparently these orchids live on subterranean fungi which form on the decaying matter of the forest floor.

On tall maroon stalks, their strikingly coloured and splashed pink flowers stand and demand attention amongst the greens and beiges of the tussocks and blady grass. They get it.

4 thoughts on “Bush bounty”

  1. Yes Denis, there must have been an unusual lot of Angophora flowering to be so visible at this distance. They are very erratic here, and mine have ended too since I wrote that post.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    I’m pleased you also have the Angophoras blooming so bountifully for the birds and bees –and you.

  3. Hello Sharyn

    How I love it when you take photographs of the distant mountains near where you live or should I say, surrounding you.
    I’m so glad you posted on the Angophora Floribunda trees. They are in bloom here and so many of them this year. I’d been wondering what kind of tree they were.
    There is one big tree near our land front gate and for some reason the lorikeets and parrots love this tree in particular. At the start of flowering there are always bits of smaller branches scattered on the dirt road. It’s as if the birds have had a big party celebrating the start of the Angophora Floribunda season.


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