Wallaroo couple

The longhairs of the macropods around here are the Wallaroos. I have always had one small family or a couple here, and they prefer the rocky edges, usually only coming close to drink at the dam. But lately the couple have been grazing near the fence line.

The female is pale grey and stocky, with a rather doglike face — an amiable mongrel sort of dog.
Her male partner is the real standout — bigger and beefier, with long dark shaggy ‘hair’. He also has the doglike face, and perhaps the very long fur helps this impression. Much more wary than his wife, he stopped mid-munch at the sight of me.
Drawing himself erect to show his broad chest and powerful shoulders, he soon took off into the treeline to hide from me. I don’t know if he had told her to follow or sent a warning, but she stayed put and kept eating. Was she smarter or just stubborn?

4 thoughts on “Wallaroo couple”

  1. Hi Sharyn, at present I’m just giving thanks for the ” even keel” c/0 the anti-depresive stuff…not for everyone, sweet for me right now. Love the photos, and I do want to read the coal book. Thank the Lord for your commitment and energy. To quote that WWII PM of Gt. Britain…..Nevuh Surrenduh! ATB, Trev.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Good to hear you have lots of wallaroos; very few here. Maybe your place is more rocky? They seem to favour those spots here.

  3. Hi Sharyn…. Wonderful wallaroos! We have many here, too; some of them hand-raised from orphaned joeys.
    Sorry you are feeling flat. When I feel that way I cheer myself up by looking at your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Jenny F

  4. Hmmmm, very doglike face in the first pic. I’ll have to look closer at the “walleroos” on my place, maybe they’re just male wallabys. About how tall is the big boy? He doesnt seem much bigger than the star picket or is the lens looking downhill? Hiya anyway? Regards. Trev.

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