Autumn decor

When the wisteria leaves begin to turn their beautiful clear yellow, they suddenly justify my colour choice of bright yellow for the painted wooden chairs on the verandah.

It’s what I see through the window in front of my desk, so I’m very aware of the transition.
My verandah is as big as my small cabin, and its ‘decor’ and colour co-ordination is very dependent on the natural exterior world for which it is the transition zone.

I just love it when they work together like this and give me such new visual pleasure for even a brief time.

4 thoughts on “Autumn decor”

  1. Enjoy Gaye! And not only that, deciduous trees and vines give us the passive solar benefits of winter sun and summer shade.

  2. Autumn is a special time of year with the earthy colours of foliage brightening our outdoor spaces. I have very recently moved house, and am enjoying for the very first time at home, autumn leaves draped over structures and carpeting the ground.


  3. Just beautiful!! A quiet and peaceful place. Don’t you feel sad for people who don’t recognize this kind of
    quiet even if they have it. I do. Thanks for sharing!

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