Bejewelled bushes

I can’t help rushing out with the camera on the rare mornings where light overnight rain or heavy dew coincides with a brighter morning.

It can’t be too sunny, or the precious jewels thus revealed will have been dried up.

Then all I’d see would be a spiderweb, miraculous in itself, but more common.

On a special morning like this the web becomes ‘value-added’, enhanced to a collared necklace of great beauty — and value, at least to me. The design is always different, and although the jewels — round as pearls, translucent as diamonds — may be ephemeral, the impression on me is lasting.

Bu the way, the lichen-tufted arrangement of sticks on which the necklace is displayed used to be a living rose bush; it’s one of the many victims of perpetual wallaby pruning!

1 thought on “Bejewelled bushes”

  1. Hi Sharyn, good to read news of you in Bush Matters yesterday!
    We continue , after almost three years to try and sell part of Yeranda …the house and two small cottages on 70 acres in order to semi retire and move to 22 acres at Noonameena which we bought three years ago. It is just 5 kms down the valley. I have a blog for it but it is just a private one as I don’t think it good enough to be a public one! You might cast your eyes over it tho and if you have time offer some feed back /suggestions! Still loving tourism altho it has been very slow past 12 months or so…bloody economic down turn has bitten in here too. Good luck with all your good work and I promise we WILL catch up one day!’

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