Mountain wishes

Before the holiday season starts, on behalf of all the Mountain critters and myself, this jonquil-happy kangaroo joey is here to wish you all a safe and peaceful break from routine.

Hope you have some quiet time to unwind and smell the roses — if you are somewhere wallabyless — or just lie back and watch the clouds.

Whatever you’re up to, it’s better if Nature’s involved — and I don’t just mean the mossies.

And wherever you’re going, please drive there safely!

6 thoughts on “Mountain wishes”

  1. Thanks Laura. And my next post will show there is some hope as glimmers of sanity show in decisions made recently.

  2. Merry Christmas Sharyn I hope the day was happy and gave you beautiful memories. Thank you for your wonderful stories and the thought provoking ones as well. I am praying the new year brings some hope for our earths future.
    Cheers Laura

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