Heady honeysuckle

Some vines go crazy here; they used to need keeping in check, to be sure they didn’t take off across the grass and into the forest. The Honeysuckle was one such. But since my open gate policy, the wallabies do that job for me.

The Honeysuckle that drapes my outdoor toilet gets a severe short back and sides trim daily. The only way it can go is up and out.

The mass of woody stems below is not especially attractive, and the overall topiarised head shape is very odd, but the perpetual pruning has encouraged a mass flowering this year. I love the scent of honeysuckle, and it seems to permeate the clearing more than any other – heady indeed.

However, with such a thick crown I am very aware of needing to look up as I round the corner, duck under its fringe and take up the throne. It looks like the perfect python hunting cover to me.

But once I know I’m safe, the view’s pretty good from my doorless loo.

2 thoughts on “Heady honeysuckle”

  1. Yes Jenny, and when you add birds mucking about in the water tier (the brown insulator), it’s the most relaxing ‘room’ of all; one good reason why I wouldn’t want an indoor loo, let alone a door-full one!

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