Jack’s back

My favourite lizard at the Mountain was the cheeky Jacky (Amphibolurus muricatus). I missed him.

But after six months in my new home, I think one of his cousins has come to live here.

He was stretched out across my makeshift plastic-covered hothouse for carrots, catching the last of the afternoon sun.

I ran for the camera but he was quick to dash away. I laughed aloud with delight to see that familiar high-legged splayed gait, long needle tail held out stiff and straight behind — just like a mini-dinosaur.

It looked like a Jack was back in my life.

This one bore different colours from my Mountain mate, but they do vary a lot with gender and temperature. He ran under the house on to a pile of timber, where I couldn’t get a good photo. But enough to marvel anew at those delicate toes and the intricate studded patterns of his stripes. If he’s not a Jacky lizard, he’ll still be Jack to me… and very welcome too!

2 thoughts on “Jack’s back”

  1. Hi Helen,
    I am not a fan of possums, so have never encouraged them. I have seen others feed them fruit– and once even cake –but am no help here, sorry! I know what they will eat in the garden… just about anything!

  2. Great photos. A very glamorous Jack. Possums aplenty here in the Barringtons, often 4 a night. My baby is definitely independent now, even coming without mum. But he learnt well, insisting on being hand fed like his mum. Do you know anything specifically I shouldn’t feed them – they get veg and fruit and last night ate a small bunch of.parsley.

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