Old friend

I have always needed a writing work space with connection to the outdoors, and I have had that at my Mountain and my last place. Here I have had to create it by inserting two windows to give me the natural views I crave.

This means I can see a fair bit of the birdlife activity, even from my desk.

Which is how I spotted this White-headed Pigeon on my deck railing.

I vividly recall the gradual growth of visits – and visitors – from these handsome pigeons before; first one, then a few, then a flock would start to come around.

I welcome this reconnoitring advance male, and hope for him to return with friends.

As I have observed before, they have adapted to like feeding on the introduced camphor laurels, which no doubt helped save their declining numbers, but does spread the trees.

Unfortunately — apart from attracting the pigeons — I have some here.

Their call is somewhat mournful and not especially musical, with its repetitive ‘oom’.

Their dapper plumage is actually more colourful than at first glance, as there is a purplish-green sheen on the back and rump. The red details on beak, eye ring and legs and feet serve to complement the outfit nicely!

I’ve posted often about these pigeons — try here, here, here and here.

2 thoughts on “Old friend”

  1. You are fortunate Helen! More will come… see my past posts on them.
    And I love those fat beige frogs.

  2. Hi Sharyn, I had two visit me just yesterday here in the lower Barringtons. First time and the big one (not sure male or female) drank from the birdbath. It was almost twice the size of its mate. They have impressive heads! Very elegant birds. My constant visitor, a beige frog, loves my loo and my bath but yesterday startled me by jumping out of my towel as I was about to dry myself.

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