New wallaby breed?

On a recent damp day, as the wallabies grazed past the house fence, one female seemed to have a light stripe across the nose.
They have a whitish stripe on their cheeks, and this can be more distinct on some than others, but I’d never seen a horizontal stripe.

Was it a scar, or did I have a variation on the breed of red-necked wallaby?
After watching for a while as she fed and bent up and down and scratched and twisted about, I fetched the camera to zoom closer and try to determine if it was a scar or no.

Actually, it looked like a band-aid!
Closer still, it was revealed as a dead leaf — a damp dead leaf, pasted firmly across her nose by the rain.

6 thoughts on “New wallaby breed?”

  1. Hi Sharyn, I think this wallaby appears to be rather pleased with the nose ornament! Very photogenic. Cheers, Trev.

  2. I think we find them funniest when they show unexpected or human-like behaviour. The redbacks would be harder to spot than Slim, Laura– and much easier to be bitten by – do take care!

  3. What a funny story! I just love your pictures. Sometimes animals do the funniest things! Was a little worried about the snake though. They scare me too, just like the red backs in my worm farm! Cheers, Laura.

  4. What a good chuckle I got on this post! Quite a contrast to Blue or Slim or whatever name is of black snake. Really great pics of the
    wallabies looking through that wire fence. Thanks! DWG

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