Spring cleaning

A warm sunny morning, perfect for turning out the occupants of the house and giving it a good clean. This wallaby mum’s empty pink pouch lining caught my eye, as I’ve never seen that before. I’m sure that was a welcome airing as much as a break.

With her tongue, she cleaned her elbow, then her toes. She got no further before the joey bounced back from playtime.

Being a very helpful joey, it joined in the cleaning session, licking Mum’s ears for her before wriggling back inside, although I am still astonished at how the mothers cope and how they fit — and this wasn’t as big as other joeys I have seen perform the feat.

Even before the joey had properly organised itself in there, Mum had resumed her work, picking up her tail with both paws and bringing it to her mouth. I hadn’t seen that either, although I’ve seen them bending down to lick their tails when these are flat on the ground in front. But their tails are very long, so it make sense to bring the tip to the cleaner rather than attempt a yoga feat.

I am forever shaking my head in wonder at the new things I am shown here. A true open university.

4 thoughts on “Spring cleaning”

  1. Yes Jenny– life here in the real world is sweet – and it helps me bear to write about what harm is being done elsewhere.

  2. Wow, washing day at its best! And my family loved the pictures of the visiting echnidna in your previous post. Thank you once again, Sharyn

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