Sun streaks

streaks-1It’s a late winter dawn, too cold and too early to get up really, but, since I’m awake and I have a million things to do — I toss back the covers and start the day.

By the time the kettle has boiled, the first stripes of sunlight are fingering the tops of my gum tree surrounds. This is natural, as they are the tallest, but what I love is the way the sunlight finds narrow reconnaissance paths through the north-eastern forest and shines long streaks of gold on surprising levels.
streaks-2Against the still dark mid-forest, the tops of wattle trees are spotlit as becomes their role as winter garden stage stars.

It’s a brief solo act, as soon the sun ‘rises’ above the treeline and sunlight becomes general, changing greys and blacks to full colour, and hitting my solar panels to start the day’s generation of the magic power by which I am writing this post!

2 thoughts on “Sun streaks”

  1. That early morning rising and having a look at it before anyone else is what gives me what I need to do all those things!!
    Those early rays of sun start my inner solar panels, in addition to your supply of power. Another beautiful post , another glimpse of what your life on that mountain is about….Thanks…DWG

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