Wet Warrumbungles

bungles-1aMy first day camping in the Warrumbungle National Park ended with showers and a stunning misty sunset, complete with rainbow.

I hadn’t lowered and zipped shut  the front ‘verandah’ flap of my tent, so a little water had entered.

My cousins erected a separate ‘fly’ tarpaulin over their whole tent in case of further rain.


It grew cold and damp; a young male Eastern Grey kangaroo insisted on sharing our fire’s warmth. No feeding of animals is allowed here, but they are unafraid of humans.

Next morning was persistently wet; water had seeped into my tent at the bottom edges, My bedding was dry, but It felt like an island, so I pegged out the ‘blinds’ to stretch the tent sides more.

This worked. However, I intend to buy a tarpaulin to make my own fly over the top for next time.


We donned wet weather gear and went for a gentle valley walk, where this shaggy group of ancient grass trees caught my eye.


As we packed up wet gear under dripping trees, a group of emus wandered into camp — different shaggy creatures, but equally weird.

The rain had caused these fungi to erupt though the leaf litter like small daisies. They are ‘Earth stars’ I think (Geastrum triplex) and I’d only ever seen them in books before.


As I drove out, the mist was rising and the wet lichened rockfaces mimicked snow. I’ll come back in fine weather for more walks in the Warrumbungles — but with a tent fly ready in case!

7 thoughts on “Wet Warrumbungles”

  1. Hi DWG,
    There are actually lots of places still safe in Australia – all the ones where people aren’t. You might not believe it, but recently there was an attempt in NSW to have shooters allowed into national parks. Talk about insanity!

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Actually the camping shop where I bought it – and went to buy a fly tarp – told me on Friday that it shouldn’t leak and I am to take it back and they will suss out with manufacturers.
    And Penny and Hadyn are great – admirable artists and good friends of mine, living not far from one of my best friends, so we often meet there.
    But Trevor, your comment re my book has made my day! Thank you so much – for the re-reading, and for telling me about its effect on you.

  3. Such a wonderful experience for you!! And yes, it is good that there are still some places that are safe for the animals. Great pictures!!! DWG

  4. Fly sheets are the best….get one Sharyn. Just finished re-reading” The Woman in the Mountain”…. Mate, thankyou. I was depressed but now I am inspired. I notice we have a mutual friend in Penny Walton! (she photographed my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding)And I can paint better than Hayden …. (Yeah, bullshit!) regards, Trev

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