Freshwater fans

I love the patterns moving water makes, on the surface below and on itself, and in its reflections.

At this beach, usually my eye is taken by those made the receding tide. But today this little stream of fresh water is coming from the land above, and it is one of many, although not all so vividly coloured. Croissants topped with apricot jam, anyone?

Kattang Nature Reserve rises above this beach, and today joins it with water.

As it makes its way to the salt sea, its ripples remind me of the cooling ‘skin’ when you test your homemade toffee or jam for setting.

I can hear water trickling further along from my amber stream, and see that there is is a steady veil of droplets from the bank onto the rocks.

This becomes a most beautiful series of convoluted fans of pebbles and sand and rutile, like layers of drapery, some creamily sheer, some bejewelled.

In other places, where no pebbles can contribute to the richness, the sand simply swirls with fine black traceries, fanning out to be lost on the smooth wet beach.

I feel so lucky to have seen these further examples of the extraordinary complexity of design and colour in nature., especially as they may not be there when next I visit this beach.

6 thoughts on “Freshwater fans”

  1. I particularly love these water photos, Sharyn! Such an inspiration for creativity you have captured Nature’s beauty and awesomeness perfectly!

  2. Well I have done posts on the actual tidal patterns at this beach before, and I love them every time, but these are from the land and not tidal, so a surprise!

  3. Glad you’ve discovered these beautuful sand patterns, like I did when I first moved to the coast.
    The exciting thing is going to discover new visual delights every time dependent on tidal action. It does become an addictive activity.

  4. Great photos. I’m afraid that it’s a case of ‘I looked but I didn’t see’ when I paddled around in those little streams.

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