Last Friday, 1st February, we raced ahead of an impressive storm front that was curving in a pincer shape towards the Maules Creek area.  It was the first time I’d been past the edges of Leard Forest, and I was bowled over by the beauty of this long-established farming valley, with the Nandewar Ranges’ woolly […]

Being on the edge of the Leard Forest here at camp, apart from maps I didn’t have much of an idea of its scope and what it might lose if Mr Burke doesn’t do the right thing by it. This morning Murray drove us around this state forest under threat from creeping coalmining. It’s varied in height […]

I swished in over watery roads across the Liverpool Plains yesterday, flying the Eco-Warriors’ flag that I was given in Brisbane last year. This symbol for worldwide cultural change has the the yellow tripod for unity, the red, yellow and black of the Australian Aboriginal flag, representing indigenous cultures worldwide and the beginnings of all humanity, and […]

You may have heard of Jonathan Moylan’s now infamous hoax against Whitehaven Coal and ANZ.  He carried it out from the protest camp in the Leard Forest near Narrabri, set up 167 days ago by he and fellow campaigner Murray Drechsler and others. They’ve been stationed on watch ever since, being joined or relieved by […]

Photo: Australian Conservation Foundation Last July I attended the Beyond Coal Conference at Louisa Creek near Mackay — see my post on it from that time. Louisa Creek has been, is being devastated by the nearby coal ports of Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay and now they want to put a third coal port there […]

Over 2012, Paola Cassoni and I have worked together to use her Bimblebox film and my Rich Land, Wasteland book as our tools to raise awareness, to shock Australians into action. Wherever I speak, if I am allowed, I have the Bimblebox DVDs for sale. For background. see my recent Bimblebox posts: Beyond Coal and […]

Battlers used to be applauded in Australia;  this year I was privileged to meet Celia Mackay, the truest bluest Aussie battler one could imagine. I visited her property with the ‘Bridging the Divide’ bus tour, where city people came to see and hear first hand what rural folk are suffering from the coal and gas rush […]

About 80 kilometres west of Toowoomba lies some of the richest cropping land in the country — ‘Prime,’ ‘Strategic’ — and any other classification that means the best. This is Cecil Plains. I’d like you to consider visiting there very soon — as part of a blockade/rally to support the local farmers making a stand […]

In a few weeks I’m heading back up to Queensland, to revisit some of the places in my Rich Land, Wasteland book, as in the chapter ‘Dark times in the sunshine state’ and others. The catalyst was that I’ve been invited to speak at the Beyond Coal and Gas Forum, which will be held in […]

Victoria used to be all about brown coal, but only in the Latrobe, and only for the adjacent power stations. The whole world knew about dirty old Hazelwood, but all their brown coal power stations create 33% more C02 than black coal. We also heard a fair bit about its wind power, and how the […]

Things are snowballing with the Rich Land, Wasteland coal book. One amazing lady has just bought 100 books to send to politicians whom she feels simply must read it to know what they are doing to us. Bacchus Marsh and Inverloch here in Victoria are yet more unthinkable regions for mining/gas to be proposed. When […]

For interested Sydneysiders, I’m speaking at Hornsby Library at 10 am on Friday 8th June. Phone (02) 9847 6904 for details. Having spoken there for each of my other books, I know it’s always a good event, with keen readers and a lively Q & A after the talk. Novella Fine Books from Wahroonga will […]

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